Device ClassPortable (Walkman) NetMD Recorder
ReleasedMay 2004
Price (launch)???
InputsDigital optical (3.5mm)
3.5mm stereo line in
3.5mm powered microphone
USB Mini-B (NetMD)
Charging stand
Outputs3.5mm (with remote)
PowerDC 3V (center positive)
1x AA battery (with case)
1x NiMH gumstick battery
ATRAC versionType-S
Dimensions80.6 x 21.0 x74.2 mm
Weight94g (3.3 oz)(recorder only), 121g (4.2 oz)with gumstick battery

Sony MZ-N920

The MZ-N920 is a NetMD Recorder offered by Sony exclusively in Japan in 2004. It appears to be a refresh of 2003’s MZ-N910, which in turn appeared to be a refresh of 2002’s MZ-N10.

It appears to be the last MiniDisc recorder Sony continued selling, managing to outlive first- and second-generation Hi-MD recorders like the MZ-RH10, and lasting long enough to rub shoulders in the 2008 Walkman lineup alongside the MZ-RH1 as the last MiniDisc device standing.

Compared with the MZ-N910, the MZ-N920 adds Sony’s “Digital Amp” feature. The MZ-N920 is offered in silver, blue and orange, and compatible with a supplied charging dock. Like the MZ-N910, features a standard Mini-B USB connector for NetMD connectivity, hidden behind a rubber grommet.

Content adapted from:

Additional feature information from Sony’s June 2004 Walkman catalogue (Internet Archive link)

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